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Buchkin Piotr Dmitrievich
(1886 - 1965)

In 1899 Piotr Buchkin comes to Saint Petersburg. He engaged in School of Technical Drawing of Baron Alexander von Stieglitz, studied of Nikolai Koshelev.
In 1904 Piotr Buchkin entered the Higher Art School at the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts, studied of Vasiliy Mate and Vasily Savinsky. In 1912 he graduated from the Higher Art School at the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts in Vasiliy Mate personal Art studio. He received the title of the artist with the right teaching in schools. In 1912–1914 as a pensioner of the Academy of Fine Arts Piotr Buchkin visited Italy, France, Germany, Spain and some other countries.
Peter Buchkin has participated in art exhibitions since 1907. He painted portraits, genre paintings, landscapes, illustrated magazines and books. He worked in watercolor, pencil and red chalk, pastels, etchings, oil and tempera paintings. Piotr Buchkin painted from the life Vladimir Lenin, Fedor Shalyapin. The most famous for his portraits of Art workers.
A talented graphic artist and portraitist, Peter Buchkin fluent in a variety of techniques of painting. Their choice is usually determined by genre, character of model, and artistic taste of the author\'s image.
In 1914, Piotr Buchkin becomes a member of the Society of Artists name after Arkhip Kuindzhi. In 1918 he was elected a member of the Society of Russian watercolors. After October Revolution in 1918–1921 Peter Buchkin serves as a team gunners division submarines of the Baltic Fleet. From 1921 to early 1930 he worked as head of the technical part of the publishing house \"Rainbow\" in Leningrad. In 1930–1936 years Piotr Buchkin worked as an illustrator in publishing in Leningrad and Moscow.
Piotr Buchkin was a member of the Leningrad Union of Artists since 1932.
In the years 1936–1940 Piotr Buchkin taught at the Leningrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, professor of drawing (1937).
In the years 1947–1965 Piotr Buchkin teaches at the Vera Mukhina Art and Industry Higher School, Professor (1952), Head of the Department of monumental-decorative painting (1951–1955, 1962–1965).
In 1956 Piotr Buchkin was awarded the honorary title of Honored Art Worker of Russian Federation. Peter Buchkin author of the book of memoirs \"About that in memory. Notes of an Artist\", (1962).
Piotr Dmitrievich Buchkin died in Leningrad in 1965. His paintings are in State Russian Museum, State Tretyakov Gallery, in the lot of Art museums and private collections in Russia, Italy, in U.S., Japan, Germane, England, France, and throughout the world.

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