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Borisov Veniamin Ivanovich

Veniamin Ivanovich Borisov was born April 16, 1935, in Susanino village, Kostroma Province of the Russian Federation. Symbolically, it is in this village a famous Russian artist Alexei Savrasov in 1871 painted from nature his most known painting \"The Rooks Have Come Back\".

Cottage in Staraya Ladoga. 1981
In 1944 the family moved to the city of Oryol. There the future artist studied in high school and also at the Art Studio. Then he went to Art College in the town of Yelets. After graduating Art College, Borisov in 1957 went to Leningrad and joined the Department of Painting of the Repin Institute of Arts, where he studied of Vladimir Gorb, Vitaly Vjaltsev, Valery Pimenov. In 1963 Borisov graduated from Repin Institute of Arts in Joseph Serebriany workshop. His graduate work was genre painting \"In the native village\".
Borisov first participated in an exhibition in 1957. Since the mid-1960s he regularly participate in Art exhibitions, showing his work together with works by the leading masters of fine arts of the Leningrad. He painted landscapes, still lifes, genre scenes, and portraits. In 1968 he was admitted to the Leningrad Union of Artists. In 1960-1980 years he repeatedly worked in the House of creativity «Staraya Ladoga».
Creative manner Borisov distinguished identity, a deep connection with the images of the Russian countryside. His works of 1960-1980s give an idea about search of own pictorial language and themes.
His main topic becoms the images of the artist\'s childhood and youth, the northern village and the peasant way of life, landscapes of the native land and the central Russia. It is embodied also in the numerous still lifes, occupying a special place in his work.
Since the late 1980s Borisov often refers to the theme of the urban landscape, enriching the genre with original works that reflect the life of Saint Petersburg at the crossroads of epochs.
Veniamin Borisov was a member of Peter\'s Academy of Arts and Sciences. His personal exhibitions were in Saint Petersburg in 1994 and 2005.
His paintings reside in Art Museums and private collections in Russia, Japan, in the U.S., Finland, and other countries.

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