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Frentz Rudolf Rudolfovich

Rudolf Rudolfovich Frentz was born July 23, 1888 in the town Marienburg, near Saint-Petersburg.
In 1918 Rudolf Frentz graduated from the Higher Art School at the Imperial Academy of Arts in Saint-Petersburg.
He studied of Vasily Savinsky and Nikolai Samokish.
Since 1904 Rudolf Frentz has participated in Art Exhibitions.
He painted battle scenes, genre and historical paintings, portraits, cityscapes, landscapes. Master of poster and decorative painting.
Most famous as battle and animal painter.
His personal exhibitions were in Leningrad (1928, 1970) and in Saint-Petersburg (2006).
Rudolf Frentz was a member of the Leningrad Union of Artists since 1932.
In 1929-1956 Rudolf Frentz taught at the Repin Institute of Arts, where he was professor of painting (1939-1956) and a head of Battle-Painting workshop (since 1934).
In 1949-1956 he also was professor of painting in the Leningrad Higher School of Industrial Art named after Vera Mukhina.
Rudolf Rudolfovich Frentz died on December 27, 1956 in Leningrad.
Paintings by Rudolf Frentz reside in State Russian Museum, State Tretyakov Gallery, in Art Museums and private collections in the Russia, France, Germane, in the U.S., and throughout the world.

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